Freedom! What a wonderful concept. One of our most important freedoms is our ability to make choices. When a person takes that freedom away from another person, thats violation.

An example of this is RAPE and SEXUAL ASSAULT.

Rape has become something that happens regularly. Rape always involves one person violating another person, by forcing them to have sex.

There is a difference between sexual intercourse that occurs between consenting individuals, compared to the sexual pleasure one with a deviant perversion would receive.

In today’s society the girl child has become more prone to this.That why we are to protect the girl child more,we should teach them the right and wrongs,where to be and where not to be and how to protect themselves in difficult situations because if we don’t they may fall victims.

And the consequences are devastating,they may lead to stigmatisation, low self-esteem or suicide and the culprit is still free roaming around looking for more victims.

Are we sitting? Are we working? Are we investigating?

We shouldn’t relent because the pain doesn’t worth the silence.

Plight for her sanity

It’s strange how in a few seconds,

Life leads you in a whole new direction,

Altering how you think,act and see your reflection.

Painting is for pictures,

Too hard to understand,

So let me paint you a picture of a girl ,

Who has a little too much to understand.

She was a vibrant young maiden,

Exuberant and full of life,

Awe-inspiring at first sight,

Too humble and decent to withstand.

She lay on her bed that very night,

Looking out the window,gazing at the stars,

She heard him come in and was about to speak

Then he clamped his hand over hers and made her still,

An astute move to perpetrate the evil act.

She tried to fly away,but her wings he had broken

She was like an innocent lamb that he used to prod and poke

Her mind was filled with confusion and his with lust

Her heart was a two-ton brick in her fist,

That kept her pinned to the exact spot he wanted her to be,

And those thirty minutes felt like eternity,

Clinging to her sanity.

Tears like elegant pearls gracefully danced down her face,

She peered into his soul with a firm look of disgrace

His cold touch like a vacuum,sucking out the life in her,

His ears were wide open,but he wouldn’t hear her plea.

She screamed in pain as she watched him take away her pride and dignity,

The joy of womanhood and feminism,

The gift nature had blessed her with,

Lost within few seconds yet irretrievable.


…”our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”…-Martin Luther King jnr

The young are like helpless children in the hands of the amorous ones, whatever is sad to them is time and manipulation on their body seems like love to them, sooner or later they come back to their senses, but the scars are not dead as much as their spoiler lives .

Some people think sexual molestation only involves sexual intercourse but it goes far beyond that. It involves every activity with a sinister or sexual intention and makes the other party feel uncomfortable. It might be without consent but sometimes with consent. You maybe wondering how is it sexual molestation when it’s consensual. A child agrees to involve in any form of sexual activity with you and you call that consensual? This child does not even know what it entails. You refuse to employ people unless you have sex with them. Due to some reasons, they agree and you think that’s consensual or it’s not sexual molestation? What a funny world we live in.

Statistics shows that about seventy percent of people think that the cases of sexual molestation is indecent dressing. This maybe true because indecent dressing could induce the act, but did the baby, toddler and hijabi also dressed indecently? People are always like she asked for it? Who goes out wishing for that? It is just sad that we are looking for justification for this barbaric act.

Drug addiction and unemployment, crucial factors to sexual molestation that no one acknowledges.We are in a world where the victims are blamed for everything they suffer. Addiction to drugs makes some people behave like animals, making them do things they do not even think of all in the bid to have fun, they destroy the lives of many. “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop”, they say. Lack of work has lured some people into doing anything, even if it destroys other people.

The male gender is also affected in this struggle for survival and sense of dignity but refused to be acknowledged because of the claim of them being the strongest sex. They are always asked, couldn’t you have defended yourself? Are you not a man? We always like to justify evil. Should this be asked?

Voice out people! Silence is neither the key nor the solution to this inhumane act. This is not a voice for one but for all. There will be embrasments, looks of disdain, insults, but should that derail you? No! Violators cannot live with the truth, survivors cannot leave without it. If we don’t assert the truth, it may again be relegated to fantasy. The truth? It won’t go away, it will keep surfacing until it is recognize. The truth will always outshine any form of campaigns against it no matter how clever or mighty it is invincible. It is only a matter of which generation is willing to take visible and continuous action against this act and protect the future generation.

The only person that deserves a special place in your life is someone that never made you feel like an option. Sexual molestation is an act of destruction that leaves permanent scars on the victims and in a very traumatic state even when the offender has totally forgotten about it, which is most likely and when the matter resurfaces it becomes a conflict of influence and power when all we seek is justice.

This is my fight, your fight, our fight, the fight for our rights and dignity as human. This fight can no longer be prolonged as this evil keeps eating its way closer than we can imagine. No matter how much evil I see, it is important to know that there’s always light after darkness. I believe our generation can win this fight.


“THE LENGTH OF HER SKIRT DOES NOT DETERMINE THE LEVEL OF HER CONSENT!!!”The above quote, quite undoubtedly, needs to be blared loudly into the minds and hearts of any individual who sees the need to place the female victims of rape in the wrong. RAPE IS NEVER THE FAULT OF THE VICTIM!!!! A VICTIM OF A CASE CAN NEVER BE THE VICTOR OF THAT SAME CASE!!!. Although women are advised to dress decently at every hour and at every location, their decision to act otherwise is not a criteria for abuse by the opposite sex, and at even more unfortunate times, the same sex. Any one who perpetrates such act of evil, needless to say, must be thrown behind bars. Sadly enough, the evidence one has against his or her abuser, in most cases, is never enough to convince the authorities. “What women need is to take laws into their own hands” a friend of mine had once acclaimed. Our ability to help and defend ourselves, when need arises, is the only criteria to put a stop to this uncalled act of evil. There are over a thousand weapons that can act as a scarecrow in wadding off these rapists, including our teeth!. BITE OFF HIS ‘MANHOOD’ IF IT COMES TO THAT!!!. Guard yourselves with pocket knives and pepper sprays. Use them generously in his eyes and ears!!!. At times, what the female gender fail to understand is that they are far more stronger than they imagine. I assume this is another major factor that permits the perpetrators of rape to get away freely with their act. For this reason, we all must take off that worn out cloak called “fragility”, and put on our brand new amour of “VIOLENCE AND WAR”. Finally, men must begin to understand the real meaning of the word “NO”. They must understand that it does not indicate uncertainty of any kind and form, and it definitely does not bring light to a sense of approval and willingness. “NO MEANS NO!!!!”. No means “I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!”. No means “I AM NOT IN SUPPORT OF THIS!”. We must all learn to stop posing as an imaginary dictionary that gives an utterly ridiculous meaning to the meaning of this simple, two letter word. Also, the world needs to understand that anyone is liable to being raped,(Yes, both the male and female genders), and anyone of reasoning age is capable of perpetrating such act of evil. Let us, therefore, take heed lest we fall.


Without a doubt, there are few categories of crime that affect the community and their victims as much as rape, sexual assaults, and the other so-called sex-related or sex crimes.

The impact of rapes and sexual assault crimes can be seen in the very way we live our lives and raise our children because they affect our overall sense of safety.

The terms sex-related crimes and sex crimes are used interchangeably to describe the many offenses involving sex acts. What constitutes these offenses may differ by culture, jurisdiction, and legal definition. However, they generally include but are not limited to any forced sexual
acts or other offenses including sodomy, incest, and child pornography, and may include status crimes such as carnal knowledge.

However, the problem with rape and sexual offenses is far more complex than just the terrible nature of the crimes themselves and the fear they bring to so many. It is the combination of the crime and the community’s reaction, coupled with the many myths and victim stereotypes that make this type of crime so difficult to investigate and even more difficult to prosecute.

Sexual Assault is never okay. Although some survivors may stay silent for years before sharing their stories, the act is in no way shape or form acceptable.

In the past, however, the subject seemed to be overlooked. Many women were subjected to being sexually abused and assaulted by men who felt as though they were in the right and looking to gain positions of power.

Sadly, years went by with a society that would rather brush things under the rug than face these wrongdoings head-on. Without support, even powerful women fell to the silence that follows a sexual assault. 

The world today is changing, but unfortunately, sexual Assault is still happening everyday.

People are beginning to talk about it more but it is still not reaching a point where there is a solution.

As long as sexual harassment and Assault continues to happen and as long as people out there still think it is even slightly okay, then everyone is still in danger of this happening to them.

We need to listen to survivors when they gather the unspeakable amount of courage it takes to speak up and say “me too”. We need to fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves. Something has to be done to make a change.

Overlooking sexual assault is not okay — trying to make it disappear and knowing about it while not doing anything about it isn’t going to change anything. We are humans and all deserve to be treated with respect.

As usual, I have lots of questions to ask, lots of answers to some questions and lots of arguments to settle.

And I hope that someday, i can comprehend the tragic issues of our society..

Join I and my team as we discuss in details today. #saynotorape #saynotosexualassault.

Do the right thing, make the right decisions and save a life.

A Trend In Our Society Today

In our today’s world, contemporary forms of racisms and racial discrimination are complex and disturbing. It has led to several destruction of lives and properties which has left many people devastated and heartbroken. It has become something that happens on a daily basis,leaving a particular race feeling inferior to another.
Are we going to seat and watch people die or live in fear of another race?

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